luni, 17 februarie 2014


It's too early for spring to be here,but this wind tells another story.The lake is frozen in front of me,with a dominant sun encompassing everything around in a yellowish haze.If I close my eyes,I can hear the leaves from a few forgotten trees shuffling and rustling.The air is thick and strong and my lungs are both elated and paralyzed.There's so much to take from this piece of nature,so I soak it all in.For once,something else is howling.

You don't need a lot of friends to be happy,just a handful of really good ones.Friends that will bring you divine cookies and take long walks with you and with whom you can talk about literally everything/anything.These are the people you really want to hold on to,even when it seems impossible or time looks like a monster that doesn't fit under the bed anymore.Especially when the silence between you doesn't feel uncomfortable,but meaningful.And you can only hope that they need you in return.

It's definitely not spring-I feel as if winter in its entirety has rushed to seek shelter between my brains for all eternity,unreasonable and aching as it is.It's amazingly scary how a little bit of pain can render you useless and miserable for the afternoon.And it's really scary when not even coffee can cure you...Stingy eyes,why won't you let me see?I need to see...What an impolite headache.

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