miercuri, 5 februarie 2014

Mental Band-Aid

I'm mad.And I'm sad.And I'm shaking,almost crying,hanging on to my last shredded piece of sanity that's in there somewhere,I know it.
Living with a stranger can be hard,I know and understand that.We all have to make compromises so that we don't kill each other,but I think I've entered the twilight zone and I need somebody to get me out of here a.s.a.p.
How in the name of seven hells do you get all bothered by (hold on to you pants) the sound my highlighter makes against the page?Pardon the not so lady-like language,but fuck me sideways,this is ridiculous!I study visually,so I need a big ass rainbow,deal with it!
As you can imagine,this was the spark that ignited my "let me list a couple of things I don't like about your behavior around here".Short brawl,shaking everything,big silence.At least everything is out there-we'll let time decide for the rest.
But I am flabbergasted-I mean...?!?You could just tell me my presence annoys you,but the highlighter thing...Right now,I just might be the human embodiment of "what the actual fuck".
I put up with so much shit,but I don't bring it up because I don't want to cause situations like this one.But no more "nice" me because I can see now it's getting me nowhere.
God,I could use a mental Band-Aid for the splitting headache that's chewing at me right now...

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