sâmbătă, 1 februarie 2014

Heaven is...

Heaven is sleeping a solid 10 hours on a mattress that doesn't hate your guts.
Heaven is eating breakfast with the radio on.
Heaven is enjoying your morning coffee with a cat on your lap and an orange beside you.
Heaven is continually napping on your study materials because you want to avoid responsibilities for as long as possible.
Heaven is going outside in the yard and marveling at all the gathered snow.
Heaven is your grandmother still treating you like a child.
Heaven is talking to your friends about silly and memorable things.
Heaven is looking around the room you brought to life somehow.
Heaven is fighting with a lot of fluffy cats.
Heaven is having dinner with your family.
Heaven is realizing you know nothing and being at peace with that.
Heaven is not worrying about having another cup of coffee in the evening.
Heaven is making a cat-pillow for somebody dear to your heart.
Heaven is singing along to Arctic Monkeys and not minding who hears you.
Heaven is your brother telling you dumb jokes.
Heaven is a comfy bed.
Heaven is feeling happy.
Heaven is where you make it.

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