vineri, 21 februarie 2014

Domestic overdrive

Oh,how I will miss these lazy mornings in a week or so!
Why is eating in the morning so damn hard,while the urge to drink coffee has become overpowering?
I wish I had somebody to make me playlists all the time because I'm a bad influence on my emotions.
I don't mind helping people-I mind it when I'm told the same instructions ten times over,when I'm seen as incompetent,when I'm looked upon like an idiot.
I think being nice to old people is intrinsically required.
The weather is still gloomy and strong,a cursing/blessing for my out of shape lungs.
I almost forgot why I watch so many damn TV shows:because,that way,I get to live more than I've (ever) bargained for.
Advice of the day:never cook for others because you will end up stressed,depressed and silly smelling (even though you are a bit awesome at cooking).
When people ask me why I drink so much coffee,I just stare at them and sip uncomfortably out of my "mustache" mug.
I'm doing my English homework on a Friday night because my life is fabulous like that.
Watching TV with the family,"training" the cats,laughing our imaginary hats off-that's how the good life looks and feel like!
I declare a personal sense of pride in the bands I chose to obsess over.
I'm tired and sleepy and ready to conquer the world...of dreams,that is.

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