luni, 3 februarie 2014

...with a twist

You start the day off well,a little early,a little frozen,but you get where you need to be and you do what you are supposed to do.Everything goes (fairly) fine and dandy,until some "little news" basically fucks up your entire evening/night and you can almost feel it in your bones that tomorrow's exam has gone to the dogs.
And it's not even that big of a deal,you know?Totally solvable and clear (with a bit of luck).What bothered me to the point of tears (thank you for existing,chamomile tea!) was how hypocritical and low some people are when you are the one in need,not them.Top that off with others who have no filter to put on what they're saying/doing and have not gone through the dictionary as far as the word "empathy" is concerned and you'll get the picture of my very "special night".
As I was saying to some of my friends- "if I die of a stroke,know that it was because I never had the fucking guts to tell people how fucking awful they really are".Bottling up  feelings isn't good for the heart nor for your teeth.I went from seething rage to silent misery in a matter of a couple of hours and I'm utterly exhausted.
What will I ever do tomorrow?I knew my confidence wouldn't last long,it had to be a twist somewhere.That's bloody karma for you...

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