duminică, 9 februarie 2014

Concerned heart

I think I might be on crack without my consent.
Explanations: last night,I dreamed I had a new teacher whose face looked like it had been drawn by a 6-year-old child (seriously,that woman looked more angular than Matt Smith!).Then,I had some inappropriate dreams about another teacher (because my life is creepy like that) and,to top it all off,my morning chamomile tea made me dream about dreaming about hallucinating.That made total sense,I can guarantee you of it.
And it sucks immensely because today it was beautiful outside:the sun was brilliant,I could hear ducks by the river,the snow was melting,what a sight to see!
Me?I had to stay in,studying for an exam that's left me clawing at my eyes and sharing a room with Mrs. "Grumpy Pants".Honestly,this week has been "Hell" with a capital "H",I cannot wait to get home tomorrow,cry my soul out and sleep for 12 hours straight!I am so done with everything right now,you cannot even imagine!
"Best" part?My heart is literally aching me right now,accompanied by a nauseous sensation and a crackling back.Oh,what a joy to be me during these times!I should really see a doctor,though...
And the most ironic part of it is that the car parked outside the window has a license plate number ending in "CIL"-yeah,the only way I could be "chill" right now would be to stick my head in the freezer.Oh,wait...
Yes,sarcasm keeps me alive.I'm left with counting down the hours before I can truly say "fuck it!".

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