sâmbătă, 8 februarie 2014

"Do I wanna know?"

...what's going through my roommate's mind right now?Not really.I can guess it involves me dying in 1000 horrible ways,so not that pretty actually.Me?I'm sick and tired and fed up with this fucking ridiculous exam and I want to go home to the people who love me.
Yes,it has been a tiresome day:strong coffee,lazy bones,zero willingness to study,"heavy atmosphere",disturbing naps and a whole lot of candy.I keep telling myself it's only for one day more,but it feels like a "glow in the dark" eternity...
It's not a nice feeling,being hated.Because it does come through as hatred ,in all its "sighing" and "angry gestures" and "blaming eyes" glory.But I have my pride and I know I'm at least in part right.I could have handled this more diplomatically,but that's the price you pay when you don't tell people what's on your mind at the right time and place-instead of a little shake,you get a goddamn earthquake!
But I'm good,I'm fine,I'm fresh now-I cried a little earlier to let it all go a bit,it's cool now.I just have to survive tomorrow and pray that some common sense gets smacked into this world.If not,I'll have to do it myself.Now that would be a sight to see,wouldn't it?
Focus,Adriana,focus!Drink your homemade lemonade and finish your lovely song and get back to work!You'll be "crawling" back home in no time,just you wait and see...

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