luni, 7 mai 2012

Amazing avenging

Remember my MARVEL craze from a few months ago?When all I really wanted was to run into the sunset with a cape fluttering behind me and marry every superhero in the universe?Well,it's back!No,I did not steal my mother's drapes.No,I did not convince Captain America to say "Yes!".And no,I most definitely did not accept Iron Man's proposition of "an open relationship". But (and that's one hell of a big but there) I did finally got around to seeing THE AVENGERS!(Yes,I am screaming in CAPS LOCK,but,in my defense,I have a lot of reasons to do so.)
First of all,I would like to point out the fact that,when you have all these amazing characters/actors in one single movie,it sometimes ends being a disaster.To my mind,it's because you have to focus on one too many things and,well,it's no secret many "celebrities"(gosh,I hate that word!) have a hard time getting along with each other.It's like watching a field full of beautiful and extraordinary unicorns which can't wait to stab one another while you're blinking.Not even Thor's hammer could stop that!Believe me,I'm from the Internet,I know things.
While I can't actually testify for what went down behind closed doors,I can pronounce myself on the final product which is The Avengers.'Cause tie me to the Tesseract,beat me with Loki's scepter and call Nick Fury,was it beyond all shades of AMAZING!
Now,I'm a good sport and I won't go rambling on and on about the story. I don't want to spoil the fun for the rest of you who wish to see the movie (Which you should totally do,like,right NOW!Don't wait for Hawkeye and Black Widow to persuade the very life out of you!).My lips are sealed for an undetermined amount of time-which is a true sacrifice taking into consideration that my internal fangirl screams grow stronger by the hour.Just go and see the thing,it will make you laugh,gasp,almost cry and drool over the special effects.Not to mention you will ,without doubt,fall in love with each and every person on that screen.Even the bad guy!(To be honest,mostly with the bad guy...But shhh!Spoilers!)
My incoherent materialization of feelings must end here-the need to "borrow" my dad's welding mask and to shoot imaginary laser beams in the front yard is overwhelming.Maybe a cup of coffee will calm me down.Or not...But remember these wise words when pondering whether or not to watch The Avengers:

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