duminică, 6 mai 2012

An old feeling in new clothes

I remember the struggle.
The heartache.
The nights that morphed into light without warning.
The days of unrequited love.
The diary under my bed.
The fight to conquer more and more.
The pain of seeing so many loved ones simply walk away.
The bitter coffee in the morning.
The smile that carried a thousand and one dreams.
The battles fought and the battles lost.
The smoke,the friends,the childish desires.
The shadows which used to cover the footsteps of my knowledge.
The constant fear of being only half a man.
The smell of sunscreen and my first kiss.
The fascination and wonder of old treasures.
The skin that trembled at Death's approach.
The obligations which never really ended.
The giggles that made a comedy so much more.
The bouncy curls and the colorful nails.
The repetitious chores.
The scent of clean sheets at the end of a hard day.
There is nothing new under the sun.

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