luni, 14 mai 2012

Clashing sides,clashing sights

...and everything I do has the same old face,
covered in wrinkles and painted
with a saddening appeal.

...and nothing ever makes me whole,
nothing fills my soul with the conscious
proximity of salvation.

...and everything I say fades away,
lost in the shadows of the person
I used to be yesterday.

...and nothing feels complete anymore,
nothing ever tastes like the wine and bread
once sent from above.

...and everything I see crumbles in vain,
it ends up damaging a wound
I thought would somehow heal.

...and nothing can bring back that smile,
that oblivious innocence I had
as a child.

...and everything I hear resembles the rain-
endless and heavy,burdened and plain,
a master I wouldn't myself obey.

...and I can't help but wonder
what my life's "2+2"
amounts to.

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