marți, 29 mai 2012

Last signatures

It's all coming to an end now!
Last tender echoes of the wooden benches.
Last gasps that come from an abstract number's will.
Even the last unrequited riot of a blinded soul.
How will I miss my dear burden!
"Expect the worst,hope for the best"-that's what I used to say to myself all the time.Well,I still do,but there are things in life that occasionally make me want to change my creed to something much more...serene.
Oh,the last drums,the last bells,the last smiles that swoosh through the morning air!
Last quarrels over autumn's leaves.
Last signatures upon the image of the present,a sight left to be seen in an older and wiser future.
The very last time to cherish the view properly!
I know a song that says: "High school never ends".Maybe it's true,maybe it's tragic,maybe it's melancholy's touch.Nevertheless,there's wisdom in every lie and mischief in every confession.
Last day to curse this hidden blessing.

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