miercuri, 30 mai 2012

Scrapbook head

This is how I want to remember us:
human buildings that rise from dust
and clash with the stars on their way
to the Universe's arch!
We are so fresh,so hungry,
so beautifully deranged
that not even Revelation
could drag us back down into piety!
How vain to think we're tragically unique!
But how delicious and empowering...
It's worth the struggle,the constant hassle
with uncertainty,it truly is!
For what would we be today
if it hadn't been for a rebellion
to make this marriage last?
Though winds murder foundations
and crush the unprepared and loving,
our roots will never fade away
from our memories:
our breaths,our food,our shelter
and our hearts were once woven
with inexplicable delight
into the same basket;
it's there we left our pride
and found a gracious empathy!
This is how I want to remember us:
together,free,loud and forever.

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