joi, 10 mai 2012

The miracle of kitty life

You guys probably know by now that I tend to overshare.I read somewhere that it's because,being a self-proclaimed introvert,I'd much rather tell my personal problems and/or thoughts in a virtual environment than confess to my friends and family.Which I'm totally cool with.Because of reasons.Anyway...
I am currently extremely happy and shaky and full of undefinable feelings.The main reason for this array of emotional nuances is that I basically helped one of my darling cats deliver four balls of adorable fur.Yes,you might say that my sanity is on (permanent) vacation,but I had a feeling it would be today.Maybe it's because I had a rather suggestive dream last night concerning this matter (I was surrounded by cats-which is how my future looks like,more or less).Maybe it's because a have a History test tomorrow and I needed a good excuse not to study.Maybe it's because I have a uterus-you know,being a girl and all.Maybe it's because I've always felt very close to my pets in general.Maybe it was just meant to be like this.Irrelephant!
At first,it's a scary thing to experience.You're in denial of the fact that it's really happening now,even though everything around and inside you says "There she blows!"(sorry,poor choice of words).But,when it does sink in like the Titanic in the Atlantic Ocean(again,sorry),you become a full-on care machine.I'm skipping past the practical and a tad nasty details,they are not actually relevant.What matters is the fact that I proved to myself that I'm not squeamish,that I can handle a serious situation and that I didn't waste my childhood believing I would be a damn good nurse.
All in all,I'm delighted to welcome into the family such cute kitties and I hope they'll grow strong and playful enough to keep up with my silliness.Mazel tov!

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