marți, 15 mai 2012

Wretched mind

I urge you to take my mind
and baptize it into the ocean!

Free me from these dreaded ghouls,
famished demons,
unhealthy desires and grimy nights!

To stare for another minute
at hands that curse the windy dark
is just too much!

My lips quiver and my eyes find refuge
behind the cloak of a skull-
such a faith I wish to none!

But sweet redemption can be found
in the light that follows
a mysterious sunrise!

Oh,a blade of golden clarity
is enough to kill
any memory of nocturnal perdition!

Though curses leave a trail of faint miasma,
life and wonders prevail over
this cruel phantasm.

I urge you to take my mind
and lead it towards salvation!

I'm one nightmare away from a session with a shrink.

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