vineri, 11 mai 2012

Salvation in the making

I'd trade my nightmares for pebbles
and throw them into the sea-
let the fish crash under the pressure
of all my famished fears!

I'd burn all the papers
which scarred my fingers-
may the ground feast upon
the insufficiency that lingers!

I'd bury my soul in clean sheets
of sun and solace-
if I can't have eternity,
might as well reap the moment!

I'd sink into the abyss
of every written story-
let my body become ink
and my mind unsigned bliss!

I'd embrace the entirety of beauty
with naked arms-
that miracle would destroy me,
but what an end to it all!

I'd erase sorrow and grief
by perishing as sacrifice-
for I can't bear another second
in the silence of the damned!

I'd give the world another chance
and grace it with new eyes-
the foundation is set to carry
the body of another Paradise!

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