duminică, 20 mai 2012

The obligation to succeed

I do so many things not because I want to,but because I need to.
I need to justify myself in front of the free world.
I need to repay my mother for all those sleepless nights I put her through.
I need to make my father proud of all the days he spent working his soul out.
I need to show my grandparents that their struggles to offer me a better life were not in vain.
I need to be the friend I never had for my brother.
I need to prove to my dear ones that I deserve their affection.
I need to somehow thank all the strangers that made me wiser,stronger,smarter.
I need to attest my contribution,whether by hand or heart, when facing nature's blessing.
I need to silence my chaotic mind,if only for just a little bit.
I need to transform time into a reliable friend.
I need to make good use of everything my ancestors did not have as luxury and aid.
I need to understand what I want and what I really need.
I need to love myself more.
I do so many things not because I need to,but because I really want to.

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