joi, 3 mai 2012

The day gravity quit

I'm seeing the world run a marathon,
while my body rests on a bed
of paralyzed emotion.
The thoughts which dwell in this
shabby skull are never to be trusted
and in need of something real.
I'm falling into a sea no deeper than a pond,
but my bones respond with riots
and my reason turns numb.
The seed was set to sprout in
everlasting glory-it seems the dirt
had other dreams to bury.
I'm letting myself crash into the sun,
thunder and lightning guiding a hand
stained with ink that looks too much like blood.
The flesh is disgusted by its own mortality,
impotence and miracle,damning gods
and praising them equally.
I'm telling my guts to swallow their premonition,
but all those years spent fearing the dark
are now claiming recognition.
The day is ending and the night grows menacing,
but neither can drown out the pain
coming from my heart's drumming...

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