sâmbătă, 12 mai 2012

Lucid living

Married to a nocturnal mirage.
Bound to an indefinite movement of the clock.
Ensnared in a net of pure affection.
Menaced by the growl of my own conscience.
Weakened by the brightest star of my universe.
Entertained by a fictional adventure through time,space and souls.
Hurt by a cold touch from the sky.
Locked up in a warp of aromatic steams and divine clusters of music.
Enchanted by the sound of my own laughter breaking against the silence of the sunset.
Proud of a gift I wish to never return.
Content with the smallest miracles that make life worth living.
Dazzled by the wonderful ache that is beauty in all its shapes and forms.

"everybody is somebody's someone"

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