vineri, 4 mai 2012

Vintage beauty

I can punish myself for not being enough.Burn that imaginary white page.Mourn all of the world's dead.Vanquish time and embrace the dark.Damn myself and all that I am.Blame the world for my failures.Smother my flaws before another gets a chance to.Deny the past and abolish the future.Disown the careless child that is the present.Hate others for their gold.Pray for demons.Cry and suffer.Scream at the deaf.Lose myself in a disappointment's maze.

I'd rather seek beauty and joy in all circumstances.Cherish the sun and never cease to find a heartbeat in a song.Read a good book.Feel all that there is to feel and never regret it.Watch a vintage film.Peel oranges with my bare hands from start to finish.Enjoy a new perfume.Love all men and women for who they are.Embrace my insufficiencies.Celebrate talent and its mirage.Appreciate what I have at this moment in time.Regain myself through true acceptance.

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