sâmbătă, 19 mai 2012

Saturday puzzle

The simple things in life deceive me
into thinking they're my all:
salvation in a cup of tea,
happiness from a distant smile,
creation dwelling in an old pen.
But this lie has slowly become
a truth of undeniable ground-
for what am I without
my love of the ephemeral?
I live through roses,pages,strangers
and long forgotten stars,
nuances of the sky,stray beings
and man-made miracles.
There's a distinct chamber of my heart
that feasts upon not blood,
but pieces of the past-
what is more certain than
the tattoo of time itself?
Though many pieces don't fit this puzzle
anymore,I don't fear darkness
or my own oblivion-
rather than a single sheet,
my soul has turned into a book
of endorphins and sorrow,
all mixed up into the conception
of my imperfect revelation.

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