luni, 28 mai 2012

Clocks on crack

...could someone just tell me why?
I'm not going to talk about the indefinite pain that flows through my body like an angry river.I'm not going to mention the resurrection of my hellish nightmares.I'm even ignoring the fact that I'm scared out of my wits by the following months and their outcome.But why in the name of all that's holy is my sleeping routine so fucked up?!
Yeah,at first glance it all looks contradicting and shit,but I know what I'm saying,trust me!
I can cope with stress and anxiety-in my own way,that is.I'll get a headache or two,some crippling examples of stomach pain and an imaginary skin irritation to top it all off,but that's just my mind behaving like a prick through my body.Been there,done that!
And the fact that every possible horror movie scenario has taken place in my brain throughout who knows how many nights now is no secret anymore.If you get past the immediate shock mixed with disdain,it can even become repetitive and boring!Well,no...but it's worth a try once in a while!You know,hiding behind a beautiful lie.
Let us not forget my old frenemy,the future! I've been getting this sickening feeling about what comes next since I can remember,so nothing new under the sun here!It's just that kinda everybody my age and "condition" is now running around like a headless chicken-the negative energy was bound to get to me eventually!
Alas,I'm screwed!I know I sound a child,but I really,really,REALLY hate having to wake up and ask what century it is!The sensation is that of a homeless soul and a hollow body-who would desire such a faith?
Maybe a cup of coffee and some toast will get me on the right track.After all,life goes on and I surely don't want to get left behind!Stupid clocks on crack... 

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