marți, 22 mai 2012

Counting hours and papers

This novel is slowly writing its own ending.Imperfections are not to be revised-what would life be without a few scars? Characters are to have a final moment of glory,but only as closure in this book.Who knows?Maybe their journey will be drawn upon a million more pages.Or maybe just a single sheet.One cannot know with the precision of a full stop the events of tomorrow.Either way,our shared story has been full of both comedy and drama,smiles and tears,bonding and separation.No matter what,we'll still have four years of common fears and common triumphs which nothing can take away.Not even fire,not even a bad memory.For we remain in each other's hearts as scribbles upon old trees-higher and weary with time,but nevertheless bright in the eyes of their carver.

My entertainment consists of frail contraptions and distant creatures.Should I worry for my volatile soul or embrace its ability to enjoy the Universe as a whole?This answer I cannot fully conjure.Today a dove,the following a crow-my heart,my beloved heart,why do you settle with so little in this world? it too much you are burdened with?A pair of wings can release a being.But what happens when they are torn?

Though my ears prepare a riot once in a while,music shall remain my dearest comfort when reality becomes too much.

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