luni, 18 februarie 2013

Blue jeans,black shirt

Peculiar dreams.Rude awakening.Angry sheets.Warm coffee.Purple eyelids.Aimless wandering.Silly worries.New jeans.Old habits.Excited feet.Rainbow clothes.Morning call.Subway routine.Early recollections with a redhead.Not here.Nice people.Cautious perspectives.Same old spot.Smothered words.Baby headache.Sprouting opinions.Crappy grade.Sunken heart.Fleeting comfort.Shadowy queue.Bluish look.Food for the body and food for thought.Distant worlds from behind a screen.Tiresome memories.Chapped red nails.Words as a means of escaping.Stupid explanations.Black chair.Blunt bones.Unjustified fears.The need for a smoke.The unknown future of tomorrow.Damaging routine.Dead bugs on the hallway.Wanting to go home.Lack of love.Running hours.Night call.Coffee as a form of oblivion and relief.Nothing to think about,nothing to say.Music to make the heart weep.Dry eyes.Fuchsia bathrobe.Hot redemption.Tingling skin.Numb memories.Blank stare.Unfiltered emotions.Confused everything.Bed crumbs.Flat pillows.Void prayers.Troubled head.

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