duminică, 17 februarie 2013

Uncomfortably numb

Do you ever get the feeling there's no use in even getting out of bed?That,no matter what you do,something is bound to go wrong?That you just suck at living?Because I do and this is one of those days.
Going back to the college routine and leaving my home routine and adopting the plain "what-the-Hell-is-wrong-with-me" routine just isn't my cup of tea right now.After a lovely week,how do you expect me to willingly do this horrible thing?It's the same as asking a fish to skip a few million years of evolution and climb a freaking tree.Yes,this is an Internet reference thing,I am aware of that,I don't care,let me have my fish and tree analogy!
I feel numb.Like physically unable to agree with this situation and ready to clutch to whatever I have to in order not to...start over again.
I want summer.Actually,I want last summer.God,these are some words I never thought I'd say-EVER!But it's true and honest and please spare me the misery of it all!
I'm a child,I know,I agree.And that's what I'm always going to be-a child thriving on glimpses of happiness,on memories,on empirical recollections found at the bottom of a coffee cup and in homemade food.
I'm so ready to throw a tantrum scene right now that it's not even funny!Good God,I'm so silly sometimes!If only I could sleep and wake up happy,to a scenario where I didn't have to fear my own role...

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