luni, 11 februarie 2013

Purple pixie

It's a peculiar feeling,to be perfectly honest.A concoction of freedom and relief,with a tinge of uncertainty.I've been wanting to have my hair short for quite a while now and I'm not the type to weep over silly things,that's for sure!So,naturally,I don't understand why people keep expecting me to regret my decision or something of such sorts.Dudes,I now look like a purple pixie and I love it!For once in my life,I can feel the wind blowing at the back of my neck and it's thrilling!I can't wait to surprise some friends,man!Can't wait...

I'm grateful for days like this,when I can go shopping alongside mom without us wanting to kill each other.I've always been a "daddy's girl",so you can understand why I find this mother-daughter relationship a tad hard to balance.But the last few months have taught us both a lesson in tolerance,distance and time.As a result,we're trying harder and,sometimes,we end up succeeding.

The more movies I see,the more I fall in love with the mechanisms behind them.The more music I listen to,the more I believe it to be some sort of divine,extraterrestrial form of communication.The more books I read,the more I become at peace with my decisions and destiny.The more I give in to art,the more it feels just right.

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