marți, 19 februarie 2013

Stranger than college

It's the same,yet completely different.
This class reminds me of sunflowers,yet the walls bring back the picture of an imaginary asylum.
Cold piercing through your bones,churning your eyes,scratching your feet.
If patience is actually a virtue,then I'm damned to fall right into the hands of Lucifer himself.
I guess I like sitting in corners because it's a place where I can observe and be seemingly invisible at the same time.
Glimpses of interest drown in a biological state that screams to escape and longs to forget.
Time,thou art a heartless bitch!Too hurried when I need you and painfully slow when speed is of the essence for my mental sanity.
Almost five months of "living" in this city and I have practically never went past my back corner-pathetic,but true.
My hands are blue and my feet are drowsy and my eyes are misty and my mind is elsewhere.
What do you do when it feels like you can no longer bear with it all?
"Home" isn't the word to describe it,but it'll have to do...
No wonder my nightmares are back-it's too much to handle at once...

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