luni, 4 februarie 2013

Pinch me!

HOLY BATMAN ON A STICK! I am so damn happy that I just might puke!After an almost sleepless night,hellish hours of studying and an apparently "out-of-body" experience,I can only say I've passed one of my hardest exams with freaking flying colors!Man,it was worth it!All the insecurities and doubts and crimson tissues!Know why?Because I can now look back,point and proudly say "I did that,even though I thought I could never do it in a million years!".As small of a feat as it is,I'm very proud of myself.And I'm going to treat this self to an entire afternoon of doing absolutely NOTHING.Once in a while,happiness can be found even in the cruelest of trials.

HOLY MUSICAL BATMAN! (reference intended)-Fall Out Boy is back!OK,they were technically only on hiatus,but who cares about that anymore?The new tune is sick and I can't wait to hear their new album and asdfghjkl!Before you go around all disgusted and "emo" labeling,just know this-the band is wicked and nothing can change my mind about it.So suck a lollipop and be happy for them like the rest of the world!"Light 'em up,up,up"!

HOLY BATMAN ON AN ADVENTURE! I've just seen "The Hobbit" and all I can say is that I'm hooked!Maybe it's the candy talking for me,but I got all excited and emotional and attached to those crazy dwarves!And hobbit,naturally!And wizard.The orcs weren't bad either...Anyhow,the perfect ending for a perfectly weird perfect day!

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