marți, 12 februarie 2013

Changing girls

Drowsy sheets.Crackling bones.Hot plate.Dirty coffee cup.Silly laughs.Cats with wet paws and sparkling eyes.Bad decisions,good decisions.Lavender clothes.Room gliding and heart beating.Dumb fears.Sweet perfume.Gray waist.Cold hands.Familiar streets.Perfect friends.Unexpected reactions and radiant smiles.Old habits that (thank God!) die hard.White and fluffy coat.Stories about the past,stories in the making.Smoky wood and uncomfortable guests.Colorful coffee and plaid shirts.Strangers passing among sunny and falling snow.Darling auburn hair.Childish laughs.Moving mouths and catching up with each other's lives.Unexpected acquaintances and purple revelations.Frozen hands and worn out paths.Saying "goodbye!",saying it for just a while.Gifts that shine and roads that glisten.A green fence and five furry angels.Fine food and a yellow mug of black poison.People I'll never meet,people that make me wonder about the world.Lion blanket and background stories.All the souls I love under one roof and the feeling of absolution within grasp.Blue night,golden music.Sleepy sheets.Sweet dreams!

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