joi, 14 februarie 2013

Valentine's prey

I don't get it,man.Why bash on somebody else's love just because you're single or miserable or both?It doesn't seem fair,it really doesn't.
I agree,the day has become a weapon of consumerism propaganda and false emotion,wrapped up in a box,stapled to a fuzzy teddy bear and exported all around the world,but...
But it's also about remembering we all have a heart and it couldn't hurt anybody if we'd use it more often.Showing your true feelings,saying "I love you!"-it's hard as Hell,believe me,I'm the first to jump in that bandwagon!
I also understand that time is this unpredictable thing and that it is a lot useful to show our love,rather than simply declare it.How?By becoming kinder,calmer,better.True,words help sometimes-but doesn't action speak louder than words?I would presume so.
I didn't get roses or candy or a kiss today-even so,I'm grand.And I'm also happy for those who had the sappiest,most stereotypical Valentine's Day ever.This world needs love and,in the end,it doesn't matter in which shape or form it comes.
So,make the moment count,share a cookie with somebody lovely and smile!You deserve it!

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