luni, 25 februarie 2013

Static journey

I've never been much of a big fan of loud mornings,but...c'est la vie!C'est la guerre!C'est too much Les Mis,that's for sure!Actually,it might be too much living in common.Sacrifices must be made,nevertheless.Nevertheless...
I always seem to dress for other girls' eyes,think for other boys' minds and never consider what my true self wants.Fuck it.I'm gonna go all Julius Caesar&Elvis on this!
As fate would have it,you're feeding my hopeless hopes...again.It's not nice and it's not considerate.Let me be.I'm worthless as it is,let alone engulfed in some weird concoction of emotion and hormones.I refuse to believe this situation is even real.NO.Just no.Go away.Shu!
Mustaches are quite a funny thing,aren't they?My father has one.My uncle has one.The boy sitting across from me in the library has one.I should grow a mustache too.Hmmm...
It will never cease to amaze me how much you can travel and think and explore and imagine and so much more while reading a book.Even if the said book is dull as fudge.
I hate headaches.I hate this place.I hate this.
I'm tired of wanting a perfect scenario,building it in my head to the very last detail and for it to obviously not come true.Welcome to my life!
It's sad that my only relief now is sleep.Really sad.Ridiculously sad.Oh,well...

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