joi, 28 februarie 2013

Bound in heartbeats

whether of love or of fear,
the heart beats the same.
confined within the bounds
of a scarlet-tainted chamber,
our lives depend solely
on that revolutionary movement-
intoxicating as it may seem,
we're imprisoned by our own dreams
of reality,beyond it and in between
these realms of uncertain certainty...
the beastly beat that knocks
my chest
when peril strikes me as a ghost
bears resonance no different from
the one set aside for lovers
or familiar ghouls...
a pounding mightier than all philosophy
brings me to my knees
in the most organic sense of it all:
no beat-no breath.
no breath-no love.
no love-a fall...
I mustn't fall,but cling to this
crimson machine
with all I've got,
with all I can conjure,
with all my heart.
with all my heart.

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