vineri, 15 februarie 2013

One more cup of coffee...

as I slide between these sheets,
my skin turns to ivory scales
and my mind craves summer
like a conscious lizard
trapped inside winter's labyrinth-
one more cup of coffee to get
me through the day...
to do,to help,to lie
that you can be Superwoman,
even though your flesh
is melting under your eyes-
one more cup of coffee to soothe
this frail body,this absent mind...
I'll bite my tongue
and I'll say I'm wrong
because I know how this peculiar,
demonic world works-
one more cup of coffee to show me
we can all get along...
as I build a nest
of warm blankets and lies,
my body finds comfort
and my spirit runs wild-
one more cup of coffee before we glide
into the night...

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