duminică, 9 iunie 2013

Broken mirror

Do you ever feel like there will always be someone exactly like you,only so much better?
I constantly have this thought at the back of my mind,but today it stood right in front of me,flesh and bone,a broken image that I never really wanted to acknowledge was mine.
I wanted to cry,but my tears failed me,so I remained hollow and longing for salvation.Yes,I do this thing where I believe somebody else will save me-actually,could save me.Stupid,I know...
It's stupid to wait for another broken marionette to grab you by the strings and make the show spectacular.But I'm a stupid little girl underneath all these years carved into my bones and flesh and memories.
I need to be told I'm worth a damn,that I'm special,that I'm beautiful,that I deserve to be alive.I crave an anchor,but I'm at open sea and all I have is a circus mirror.What good can that do me?My ghouls are stirring up again...
It's been a long time since I've felt this...unimportant.

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