sâmbătă, 15 iunie 2013


Well,here we are again:another "beautiful" Saturday that I get to spend watching dark clouds,taking care of bratty cats and wondering what the Hell my life has become.Jealous,aren't you?
I love to learn and grow as a person,but I loathe to the core being pressured into displaying my knowledge like a human peacock,more so if it's the case of an exam.
I mean,all my efforts and frayed nerves and sleepless nights,everything reduced to a number that is influenced by so many factors I don't even want to get into-fair?I think not.
While I don't reduce my capacities to this (c'mon!),I "need" that number because it influences (in a very stupid way) an array of circumstances that are still to come.
But all I want is to know,to assimilate,to feed that intrinsic hunger for information that defines our kind,not feel like a worthless piece of shit every single time my memory fails me or my emotions get the best of me.
So,you see,another fun day in the Hellsville of my mind.
Thank God,at least I'm home with my family,otherwise...

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Adriana spunea...

Am completat. :)
Bafta multa in continuare!