joi, 20 iunie 2013

Don't you dare!

Don't you dare try to imply that my love is "not enough","misguided","unreal".
I can choose to love a flower as I do a man because they both return to the same bloody earth from which they came in the first place.Because I make the rules of my heart and draw the lines of my soul's hierarchy.Because it's my fucking life and I should at least get to decide the sufferings and joys that I'm somehow allowed to chose.
I'm being bossed around all day long by strangers and family,customs and social laws,"obligation" and "responsibility",but this is just too much.I put my foot in the door when it comes to managing my feelings.
I won't permit it.I won't let you put a filter where there should be rawness or squander my hatred or lock up my affection for "suitable" individuals.
This is me:a carelessly human machine that's prone to passion and apathy and everything in between.
So don't you dare tell me I'm "acting childish","silly","out of control".
Don't you dare...

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