duminică, 2 iunie 2013


I'm young and my wrinkles are imaginary,
but this pain in my bones feels real,
as does my need for space,as do my thoughts
of growing ever so weary.
you scream because you don't understand
and I weep because your tongue
eludes me-we're two strangers
under the same roof; I'm fighting a war
I'm doomed to lose,you're confused
between love and something unknown...
so I sleep.I leap into darkness
from this worn out bed,with cats sprawling
by my eyes,by my hips,by my feet...
I'm hollow,but I fill a body made of
past remembrances and fleshy leaves-
I barely know you,I barely let you know me,
so we dance around a table
with no corners,with no sign of ever being
set free...

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