miercuri, 5 iunie 2013

Pointless day and scattered actions

This day has no seams.No purpose.No point.
I wander about just to seem more alive,but every function I fuel could be as easily done by a machine.I eat not to sleep and I sleep not to cry.
There's a meaning to this pale way of being,I know it is,yet I can't seem to convince myself of the not so obvious.
It's funny and mortifying at the same time how even the tinniest of decisions influences your present and future.
You see,I tend to get carried away with these things and see the end of the world everywhere.But that's how I am and it will never change,rest assured.
That's why today was so scary.I had too much time to worry and less to lose myself in an amazingly flatline life.My ghouls got out again,even in broad daylight...
I sometimes can't believe my own existence is mine because it all feels so strange and distant...
I wish I could cry,let it all out.But no.Even my emotions are somewhere else...
This day looks just like a ghost would.

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