vineri, 7 iunie 2013

Thinking puppet

Lazy morning.Coffee breakfast.Demanding little brother.Childhood cartoons."Blue jeans,white shirt".Playful cats.Fluffy blankets.Dull books.Rising summer heat.Fleshy sour cherries.Old memories.Plastic door.Emerald and muddy lighting in a show.Painful heart.Heavy eyelids.Haunting songs.Bubbling panic.Purposeless purpose.Numb ankles.Complete family.Raspy throat.Distant words.Concrete brain.Uninteresting papers.Stinging coffee.Pink hands.Silly child.Metal hours.Blue circles under my eyes.Sleepy skin.Noisy house.Ugly socks.Scattered willingness.Crazy plans.Blinding phantoms.Gliding pen.Cold wall.Crooked spine.Growing night.Thinking puppet.

"And all I want to do
is bang my head against
a wall..."

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