marți, 25 iunie 2013

Sinking skin

No more.
My body is telling me I should cling to the mattress,yet I'm stubborn and reach for another black coffee.I sway between eagerness and apathy,then set my alarm clock for a mere 10 minutes' worth of sleep.
Rising heat,warm feet,scattered papers-I need color to remember,but what senses should I tingle for a bit of motivation?There's no use,we're both too self-destructive to deserve a solution...
This tiresome routine has gotten into my bones and my bones now want to rest.
Oh,how my churning stomach never fails to remind me of my frailty!
Knowledge and wisdom don't seem to match in my case.
I'm falling,I'm sinking,I'm being absorbed by an environment I wish to escape.It wouldn't surprise me if even my skin started itching too...
I'm the type of person who will need to listen to a certain song in order to carry on,who will cry into her biscuits in the middle of the night while reading about Keats,who will suffer for nothing over and over and over again...

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