duminică, 14 iulie 2013

Everything sucks

I swear to God,there are days when the Universe feels too damn wrong to even be real!
Days when I literally become sick to my stomach because of what is happening around me.Days when I'd rather be drunk or medicated instead of fully aware of the injustice,ignorance and death lurking at every corner of this godforsaken world.
I can't,I really just can't.I can't pretend I'm fine anymore.Not even the small miracles to which I have been hanging on so dearly for some time now can save the situation...
I want to be numb and cry and fall asleep,then wake up and realize it had all been a terrible and tacky nightmare.By Heavens,do I need that!
Everything sucks.From familiar faces to complete strangers and everyone/everything in between.
Holding my head in my hands doesn't help-it doesn't feel lighter or less troubled.
I loathe this kind of torture because it seems just like you're stuck in a loop of painful irritation and smothered anger.
I swear to God,this day is the worst... 

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