duminică, 7 iulie 2013

Three in one bed

I needed this.I needed to be with my best friends in the same bed,spilling my guts in the middle of the night and being reassured that I'm not alone.Though my demons are still here,loud and obnoxious as ever,I've managed to elude them for a while.
Coffee tastes even better when you're hopeful.
Thank God for unrelated sisters!

I'm not sure about this.This feeling that's churning in my stomach,all stale and sickening.It feels as if I'm wasting borrowed time,but I still can't shake myself out of this numbness.
I'd rather just wait for it to leave.
But that doesn't make me free-it just makes me haunted...

I regret this.I regret feeling all too well locked up in my cocoon,tucked away from the life I could be living right now.
I'm writing bits and pieces instead of a novel-isn't that particularly sad?
I feel old and tired,though I'm neither of them.
Will my youth be just another misspent one?
I'd rather not know...

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