luni, 1 iulie 2013

Orange July

Wholesome sleep.Delicious coffee.Necessary errand.Colorful bottles and boxes.Hurried walk.Chocolate blouse."Michelangelo Buonarroti-Poems".Grandma's signature and lovely dedication.First heartfelt meal of the day.Steaming cups and swollen legs.Last summer's music.Apparently distant and now painful memories.An abundance of orange.Delayed work.Lazy pen.Boring news.Funny brother.Infinite black box.Stiff muscles.Last drops of white wine.Fluffy covers.Worries upon worries upon worries.Sour green apples.Old emerald bench.Thoughts by the dozen.Bad back.Complete family.Smooth sweets for a bearable temper.Cool sunset.Big and empty box.Premature exhaustion.Beautiful books.Remembering with both joy and sorrow how it used to be this time last year.Pink stag drawing.Echoed laughs in the night.Crumpled sheets.Thankful bones."Famous last words".

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