vineri, 26 iulie 2013

Friday night:silent drama

Not to sound old or wise (hahahahaha NO),but watching movies for/about teens makes me either cringe or laugh myself to death.I mean,I can't believe I was once in that same position!Well,the "once" is like two or three years ago and by "position" I mean a state of perpetual awkwardness I'd rather not acknowledge,not even in hindsight.
Maybe I'm bitter because I didn't get my "perfect princess scenario",but who isn't,right?Yeah,no,nobody kissed me in the rain or swept me off my feet (figuratively or literally,pick your choice) and let's not even talk about prom,I get all emotional about it in all the wrong ways.
Watching an actual "perfect scenario" leaves a sour shadow on my smile,even though I know I'm watching from behind several cameras.
I mean,I don't expect some sort of miracle from faith,but I kinda somehow do?!
Nice,Adriana,very coherent and logical,nice!
The main idea is that I don't believe in what these movies sell...but I can be persuaded.
I really should be out in a bar right now...

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