vineri, 12 iulie 2013

Music for the lonely souls

There's a world that contains "reality" and a world where your ears decide what "reality" in fact is.
The line between them is thin and giddy,almost like a sheet of ivory and charcoal scratches.
Once you're on "the other side",everything becomes brighter,clearer,louder.Liquids overflow,your heart becomes an ecstatic and blindly organic machine,the tips of your fingers tingle with a buzz of tame electricity.
You feel as if a thousand honey drenched daggers have pierced your body in a vibrant attack of empirical greatness.This is what Heaven with a pinch of Hell sounds like...
You transcend.You erupt.You descend.The entire experience turns holy without the need of a single prayer.The blood of your yesterdays pumps into tomorrow to the rhythm of your own desire.
Time bears no meaning now-behind closed eyes,infinity turns out to be within your reach.
A single melody can connect and unite,conquer and rise.
The desire is real,the lust even more so.It's purely addictive...
Good music is what makes a lonely soul carry on. 

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