joi, 18 iulie 2013


Wake up.Regret having done that.Refuse food.Burn your tongue on the first sip of coffee.Wallow in your own misery.Complain about back pain.Bid farewell to more productive people than yourself.Pretend you know how to cook.Sing the songs on the radio.Miss your favorite cartoon because dishes need to be washed,you know.Throw on a pair of jeans and some make up so that you don't go out looking half dead.Take your brother along to solve the same problem for the millionth time.Bask in the glory of a minor success.Act all motherly (like you always do).Resort to coffee so that you don't feel like life is driving you insane anymore.Dread the thought of more tedious work to come.Recall you haven't listened to your new favorite song all day and do something about that.Acknowledge you like the fact that your entire family is under one roof.Play with some noisy and adorable kittens.Give up.Reclaim your fluffy bed.Forget about the world through pointless entertainment.Drink some nice tea.Pray for a good night's sleep.

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