sâmbătă, 6 iulie 2013

Kittens and questions

Why do I wake up more tired than I was in the first place?
Why is my appetite drawn towards coffee instead of food?
Why am I always afraid of what is to come next?
Why does my stomach act funny when I'm scared?
Why do I need to be around people to feel protected?
Why do I always end up taking care of cats and kittens and everything in between?
Why does mom take pleasure in arguing with me?
Why am I so fucking paranoid all the time?
Why can't I make plans with a timespan larger than a day?
Why is the weather so keen on showing me I have no control whatsoever?
Why do I always end up wearing a pair of blue jeans and a white shirt?
Why did I go straight to the alcohol-filled candy?
Why does everything seem so awkward sometimes?
Why does beer make it all better somehow?
Why do TV shows make me experience such powerful emotions?
Why does pizza taste so damn good?
Why do I feel so tired at an early age?

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