sâmbătă, 20 iulie 2013

Willow crowns

Sweaty night.Trouble getting up.Hazy morning.A full plate of food.Numbing coffee.The same old pair of jeans.Father-daughter philosophical talk.Gorgeous Japanese fan.Crowded running around.Chocolate sweets.Aching spine.Playing vegetarian cook.Greasy palms.Lost appetite.Pinkish fake nails.Indecisive rain.Squeaky cats.Much welcomed bed.Captivating show.Crimson wall decorations.Dirty mirror.Idiotic quarrel.Clinging clothes.White eyeliner.Simmering city.Lovely friends.Building storm.Our favorite place.Cold and creamy coffee.Funny stories.Fascinating hand drawings.Written plans.Uncomfortable observations.Changing tables.Smoke and the scent of wild berries.Sudden detour.Sad dogs.Sunset park.Sapphirine and teal sky.Willow crowns.Lots of pictures.Dark walk home.Crunchy green apples.Blood pumping stories.Lonely and desolated feeling.Tired conclusions.Longing for sleep and peace of some sorts.

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