duminică, 8 septembrie 2013

54 and 54 more!

I don't want to have another nightmare again in my entire life.
Why do I wake up numb and sore if I sleep too much or funny or like I've been in a coma?
God bless mom's breakfast this morning because I was getting tired of "being her" during the week...
I should keep count and tell daddy "Happy birthday!" 54 times today-he'd either cry or go insane,which should be avoided,though.
True happiness isn't something I indulge in very often or very long,but I take it as it comes and I'm grateful for it when it does.
My name day (well,middle name day) is becoming the most confusing thing ever.
Who knew the autumn sun could burn so pleasantly?
If the concept of "reincarnation" is true,then mark me down to be a kitten the next round-just looking at Cream and Blueberry jumping around,playing,being all cute and cuddly makes me want to give up this conscience that isn't doing me a whole lot of good,to be honest.
Spending quality time with my grandmother is time spent best when she doesn't start asking me about life goals,boyfriends and grandchildren-that's when the need to trade my coffee for liquor really kicks in.
I told mom (45) and dad (54) that their combined ages total 99 years now and the look on their faces cannot be transposed into words.
Being too playful may require medication at some point...for others,that is.
Since you can't have a proper family dinner without the food part,mom really outdid herself this time.
Well,since everybody is already drunk-happy,might as well join the party then...
I'm listening to the same old songs,in my same old chair,with the same not-so-old cats in my lap on a Sunday afternoon-should I laugh,should I cry or should I just start praying harder?
I'm never listening to the news again.
Though I admit I'll take forever to get ready to go out,there's no denying we're all a bunch of last-minute-preparations princesses.
What were the odds of me running into one of my best friends among a moving crowd,in the midst of such a blinding darkness?
I am officially in love with majestic horses that look like dalmatians and I want a thousand of them,even though I don't think I've even touched one in my life so far.
Watching fireworks dancing between the branches of so many trees is a smile inducing experience- to say the least.
I feel so tired (in a good way) that I can't but call it a day and say "thank you".

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