duminică, 1 septembrie 2013

Thirteen candles

Even my teeth feel sore after this night's sleep.
I couldn't have sung a more false and funny "Happy birthday!" to my brother even if I wanted to.
Sweet breakfast and a steaming cup of coffee to make me feel special too.
The search for the perfect present can carry on without me,I'm sure.
Wonderful "Wonderfalls".
Autumn sun,playful kittens,comfy chair-good things,good things indeed.
An emerald bench that knows all my rusty thoughts.
Family reunion,proper feast,thirteen candles.
It's nice to be able to talk to mom.
Too much food to handle.
Golden dahlia,cerulean sky,charcoal bee- a picture-perfect scenery.
Writing words with invisible ink.
Blue feet to match the season's growing chill.
Of course,how can there be a day without any drama?
"Girls' night in" with "Alice in Wonderland" and fluffy balls of "meow!".
Phantom traces of popcorn and anxiety.
Retreating in a cocoon of blankets.

Always give thanks for a beautiful day to whomever you believe in.

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