marți, 24 septembrie 2013

"Get a room!"

I don't know if I was a friend or an enemy to myself last night-all I know is that I can count the hours I've really slept on one hand and have a few fingers to spare too.
It's early,it's tiresome and grumpy people aren't actually a bonus right now.
I've really forgotten how much I hate crowded places,crowded hours and crowds in general-I'm never going to survive another year here.
That awkward moment when,after greeting and hugging your friends,you realize you were all useless sloths the entire summer because you don't have a single story to tell between you.
It's pathetic that I'm still nervous,isn't it?
It's like last year all over again,only this time I know what to expect.
We got our room,only we technically didn't-a minor setback,I'm sure.
Familiar train station,greenish tickets,a whole lot of waiting-yes,this rings a few bells.
The compartment smells like bad memories,the music in my ears is making me even more sleepy,the scenery is starting to convince me that the Universal Clock has fainted somewhere along the way.
If I felt this homesick after just one day,then...I don't even want to continue this sentence.
My bed,my kittens,my aching bones that wish to rest.
After my first hot coffee of the day,I believe I am a little bit better.
Conversation and sleep deprivation aren't the best couple in town.
Tired as I may be,I still need to go through a movie.
Thankful prayers were never more welcomed.

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